I am a journalist and correspondent based in New Delhi.

I have worked for newspapers, magazines, radio stations and Internet news outlets, covering South and East Asia (especially India, Sri Lanka and North Korea), international affairs, science & space industry, media and more.

My articles have been published in several titles, mostly in my native Poland, including the Wprost weekly, Focus – a popular science magazine, Press  a media trade magazine, the Polish edition of the Bloomberg Businessweek, Quartz – a digital global business publication, and the Times of India.

I write in both Polish and English.

I believe in slow, responsible, quality journalism, trying to question more and dig deeper.

Please, feel free to contact me at:
tom [dot] augustyniak [at] gmail.com

You might also want to read my Indian blog, the Tandoori Stories, check my LinkedIn profile or follow me on Twitter @Tom_Augustyniak.qz